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Terms Of Service


  1. The complete course program consists of a minimum of 20 hours of E learning or traditional in classroom instruction ,10 hours of homework, 10 hours in vehicle training with a certified driving instructor.
  2. Course fee shall be basic discount price as advertised and may not include taxes or any other necessary disbursements.
  3. The course fee may vary due to promotions, coupons and or other discounts from time to time.
  4. Should be customer decide to drop-out after signing out for the course within 30 days, the entire fee shall be returned except for those hours already attend, plus $100.00 Administration fee, applicable fee, and HST.
  5.  Absolutely No Refunds after 30 days of starting, or if failure to complete the entire program within the specified time frame for 8 months.
  6. You may pay full or start the course with a down payment. However, you shall keep up with your installments so that we can pay our instructors to continue your lessons. I hereby agree to pay in full, and so pre-authorize the school to charge on my credit card any balance due before day of 8 months or completion of the course, whichever comes first.
  7. Charges for the school car for road test will apply, which is not part of the course fee. Please ask for details.
  8. H.S.T shall be added on top of the price quote. Our HST registration # is 777113879RT. You shall keep all your receipts as proof of payment, or in case of any disagreement, the school record of payment shall prevail to be correct.
  9. Students requiring Insurance Discount certificate must comply with the current Course Content and Delivery Standards (CCDS) of the Ministry (MTO), provided to the “Course Provider” (1st Canadian Driving School). Please ask for details.
  10. The complete course (digital, in classroom hours and in car driving hours) must be completed within 365 days from the day you started the course.
  11.  In car appointments cancelled without 24 hours notice: $10 fine, and NO SHOW, you lost the hour you booked for.
  12. Road test at MTO maybe booked by the customer, or the in-car instructor, please discuss with your in-car instructor. It shall be the full responsibility of the customer to cancel their road test appointment at the MTO, if they are unable to attend.
  13.  Customers shall be acknowledged that their contract is with the school, and not with an individual. Therefore, shall make at the arrangements regarding payments, rates and services directly with the school, and not with the individual instructor.
  14.  Students must behave in a civil manner during all training periods and comply with the instructions of the instructor.
  15.  Students are responsible for having their learners license, eyeglasses or contacts at all times during the training and road test.
  16.  Students shall not exceed 90 mins. of driving time on the day he.she attends the classroom, and 3 hours on the other day.
  17.  Students who choose to complete all the theory hours first before commending practical lesson, shall be responsible for commencing their in-car lessons within 8 weeks. Of finishing the theory hours per CCDS requirement. Ask for details.
  18.  Any legitimate complaints shall be directed to the Manager of the school in writing, within 7 days of the incident.
  19. I am also aware that in-car appointments may be cancelled by the school on the short notices due to weather conditions, vehicle breakdowns, delays at the Ministry test centers, or any reason that may be beyond the control of school.
  20.  Customer is responsible to ask and follow the classroom schedule (subject to change) to make up their required hours. Repeats on the same subjects in the classroom shall not be counted as additional hours towards the program.
  21.  I certify that the statements in this document are accurate and consent to the release of any information contained herein to the Ministry of Transportation, Insurance Bureau of Canada and the MTO Course Inspector.
  22.  I acknowledge that there are no other promises made by the school, or its instructor that is not stipulated in the contract.
  23.  Finally, I the customer is also aware that the certificate may be denied by the school due to the following reasons: A. Failure to successfully complete the required hours within one year  B. Failing the in-class test, and or the in-car evaluation, or both conducted by the school at the end of the course.
  24.  I, the undersigned, have read and understood all the above conditions and further agree to comply with the driving school.
  25.  I shall return to the school within two weeks of finishing the entire program. Provides proof of successful completion of and graduation from a BDE course and BDE graduates with a DLH (ORDER RECEIPT) are eligible for an insurance discount. School will not be responsible for any changes that may happen after. I have also received a copy of this contract.